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Photography of the things you want to remember

Children. They really make the time go faster don’t they? No sooner have you welcomed a tiny newborn into the world, and they are sitting up, rolling over, giggling and laughing. Before you know it they’re off to school, leaving school, leaving home and welcoming your newborn grand children into the world. That’s my passion at Freedom Images Photography Studio. The relationship you share with others, with your kids, your folks, your partner, your friends… and as your photographer, it’s my wish to give you something to look back on to remember what was special between you and those you cared about. 

As much as family and newborn is my sweet spot, I also enjoy providing photography for women who want to feel empowered and dare to embark on a boudoir photography shoot, or every day people wanting to capture their physique at it’s peak.

If you want just a couple prints of the kids, I can help you, if you want a statement piece wall collection with wow factor, I can help you with that too (as well as the in between).

Have a look around, if you get a little lost, I’d love to hear from you either give me a call or drop a line on the email. 

Hope Connolly 
Mummy, Wifey to Be, Photographer, Studio Owner.

Photographer Galleries;

For you, and those your care about:
Newborn;  Couples;  Family;  Fitness;  Pets ;  Boudoir

For business:
Corporate Headshots;  Event Photography;  Product Photography

What My Clients Say

  • Dawn & Stuart, Rockingham

    It was a wonderful and precious time capturing the heart and soul of our new family in your beautiful photography.

  • Stella & John, Rockingham

    Very friendly and considerate, comfortable surroundings, we were very satisfied with the whole experience. Thank you.

  • Brook & Nick, Rockingham

    We brought our baby boy in for newborn photography after receiving a gift voucher and loved all the photos! Thank you for the beautiful card, I have framed that too!

  • Kristy & Jarrod, Baldivis

    Thank you so much Hope it brought tears to our eyes watching the video, an amazing job!

  • Kirsty , Your Life Balance, Baldivis

    I came in for corporate head shots for my business and am really happy with my images, they are nice, clean and I look friendly! Loved our Steel Tree gift and I would easily recommend Freedom Images having experienced the service first hand.

  • Kelly Prime, Rockingham

    Wow! I had the most fantastic experience creating my corporate shoot with Hope! She was able to captivate the diversity, fun and energy in her photography that I wanted to showcase my business. Thanks so much!

  • Michael, Rockingham

    Wow what a beautiful studio, and everything was awesome, we loved every moment of our family shoot and everything was as memorable as promised by Hope. Thank You!

  • Tracey Lee, Rockingham

    I really loved the experience of having a professional portraits done with my daughter. Everyone was lovely and the atmosphere very relaxed. Thank you for creating a wonderful memory!

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