Free* Photography of you, your family or your business

You may be thinking "Did I read that correctly?" Yes, you did, but with all things free including the photography I offer, there are strict terms. If this still has your interest captured, then read on... 

My name is Hope and I offer free photography to select families, couples, individuals and business owners... with a catch. You see, after running a busy portrait photography studio (and myself into the ground), I decided to turn to something more passive, without deadlines, without demands and without overheads.This is more in alignment with how I want to live my life and most importantly allows me to be a better and more available Mum. 

.... Today I only shoot for What is iStock? Well, in a nutshell it's a website where graphic designers, web developers, bloggers, business owners and media go to download royalty free photos for a fraction of the price of what they'd pay a 'paid per job photographer' and the photographer recieves a small commission from each download. 

Images featured on iStock typically convey an idea, lifestyle, topic, issue, joy... basically images give a visual depicting an idea. 

See images to our right for examples (hover over for keywords they depict), and for further reference you can view images from istock here and my invididual portfolio can be viewed here

So you see images I take are used publically, and model releases to be provided. 

That is on which the terms I provide my photos for free. 


photo that suggests 'New Family' 'Young Family' 'Young New Parents' 'New Baby Joy'  Photo that depicts toddler playing with 'Stacking Ring' 'Puzzles' 'Child Development' 'Play' 'Happy Child'  Photography conveying 'Fitness' 'Strong' 'Working Out' 'Exercising' 'Personal Trainer' 'Dedication' 'Health' Photo clearly conveying 'Leadership' 'Leadership in Business'  This images portrays 'Natural Medicine' 'Natural Health' 'Alternative Medicine' 'Essential Oils' etc 'Breast Feeding', New Baby, New Baby Joy, Baby Girl, New Mum to name a few keywords for this photograph.



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What My Clients Said (From my former Studio)

  • Dawn & Stuart, Rockingham

    It was a wonderful and precious time capturing the heart and soul of our new family in your beautiful photography.

  • Stella & John, Rockingham

    Very friendly and considerate, comfortable surroundings, we were very satisfied with the whole experience. Thank you.

  • Brook & Nick, Rockingham

    We brought our baby boy in for newborn photography after receiving a gift voucher and loved all the photos! Thank you for the beautiful card, I have framed that too!

  • Kristy & Jarrod, Baldivis

    Thank you so much Hope it brought tears to our eyes watching the video, an amazing job!

  • Kirsty , Your Life Balance, Baldivis

    I came in for corporate head shots for my business and am really happy with my images, they are nice, clean and I look friendly! Loved our Steel Tree gift and I would easily recommend Freedom Images having experienced the service first hand.

  • Kelly Prime, Rockingham

    Wow! I had the most fantastic experience creating my corporate shoot with Hope! She was able to captivate the diversity, fun and energy in her photography that I wanted to showcase my business. Thanks so much!

  • Michael, Rockingham

    Wow what a beautiful studio, and everything was awesome, we loved every moment of our family shoot and everything was as memorable as promised by Hope. Thank You!

  • Tracey Lee, Rockingham

    I really loved the experience of having a professional portraits done with my daughter. Everyone was lovely and the atmosphere very relaxed. Thank you for creating a wonderful memory!

I have been featured on/ or interviewed by the following media organisations:

  • Community News
  • Curtain Radio
  • Channel 9 – The Today Show