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Rockingham Newborn Photographer Baby Newborn Photographer Rockingham

Newborn Photographer Rockingham City

Family Newborn Photography Rockingham, Photographer Rockingham

Rockingham Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer, Newborn Photography Rockingham

Newborn Photographer, Rockingham Photography

Newborn Photographer Rockingham, Newborn Photography

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Newborn Photographer Rockingham

Newborn Photographer RockinghamNewborn Photographer Rockingham

Rockingham Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography Rockingham

Newborn Photographer Rockingham

Newborn Photography Rockingham, Newborn Photographer Hope

Newborn Photographer in Rockingham

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Newborn Photography & Photographer Rockingham

Family Newborn Photography Rockingham

Newborn Photography Rockingham, Newborn Photographer Rockingham

Newborn Photographer Rockingham

Newborn Photographer Rockingham 

Newborn Photographer Rockingham

Newborn Photography RockinghamNewborn Photography of baby in Rockingham

Rockingham Newborn Photographer & photography


Rockingham Newborn Photographer

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Newborn Photography Rockingham, Newborn Photogarpher

Newborn Photography Rockingham, Newborn Photographer

Rockingham Newborn Photography - Baby Riley

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Rockingham Newborn Photography - RIley

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Newborn Photography Rockingham

Rockingham Newborn Photography by Rockingham Photographer Hope Connolly 

Frequently Asked Questions about Newborn Photography

Where in Rockingham is your photography studio?

My photogrpahy studio is a professional newborn studio (not home based) located at 15/5 Ameer Street in Rockingham, which is just off Council Ave, Ameer Street is also parallel to Goddard Street. I am right over the road from Rockingham City Shopping Centre. 

It's pretty easy to find the photography studio, and when you book in you will recieve a booking confirmation letter with a mud-map on the back of the letter. 

The studio is air conditioned and has a theatre for viewing your images also. 

Why should we choose you as our newborn photographer?

There are a few newborn photographers that service the Rockingham area, so it's a good question. I guess I could list, I have a professional state of the art newborn photography studio, same or next day theatre viewing of your newborn photos. That I offer an excellent range of props and textiles. That I've been interviewed by Channel 9, Curtain Radio, Community News and not many newborn photographers can say that... but I'm not sure the outside person looking in from their computer cares about that? do you? 

I am not the most experienced newborn photographer in Rockingham, in fact I've been doing newborn photography a relatively short time compared to others, although because of the calibre of my work, my requests for newborn photography is contantly increasing and my word of mouth referrals is excellent. 

Perahaps you want to know how others have felt about my customer service? You can check out reviews that have been left on my facebook page, testimonials on my website, or come in and have a look at my guest book. 

Sure I'm a business owner.... although I prefer the word 'person'. I am not part of a multi national franchise, depsite how it looks. I have one lady that helps me keep up with my bookings, she works 2 days and she is my 'team'. I am a Mummy to a little boy who I simply love to pieces... and my partner is away half of the time. That is why I don't shoot past 5pm, because I have a little boy who is waiting for dinner and bath time... for Mummy time. 

Newborn Photographer Hope Connolly

Depsite being able to shoot 2 family or couple's sessions in the same time a newborn photography shoot, I choose to focus a lot on newborn because I love it and because it allows me to be creative with textures and colours... 

Plus every time a newborn comes into my studio for me to photograph - that baby reminds me of what is the most important thing in my life... my baby. It reminds me of a the time when we brought our newborn home and my partner and I went about figuring out how to care for our little little creation. 

But if I were you, I would go with who you feel you connect with me on some level... That's what I want as a photographer. I want to photograph people who are open, or want to connect, share, and trust me to capture this very special time in their lives.... It's part of what makes doing newborn photography so rewarding for me. 

... anyway... I'm sure you'll know if I'm the right newborn photographer for you 🙂 

Do we need to bring our own newborn photography props?

No, I have loads of newborn props, especially for newborn photography and I'm constantly adding to my collection. I can't help myself. Everytime something new comes in - I hope new parents will let me experiment and create something new and different for them than what I have done previously. 

However, occasionally parents do bring special things in such as a tiny fluffy 'baby's first football' or a special knitted beanie... I'm happy to work with something sentimental of meaninful for you. But rest assured, I have plenty of colours and textures for you to choose from (actually I help you choose). 🙂 

Newborn Photographer Hope Connolly

How long will you take to photograph my baby?

I always say allow 3 hours for your newborn session. Occasionally it will take a little less time, occasionally a little longer (rest assured I don't charge extra so session will be the same price). During your newborn session it's 60% tending, rocking, feeding, nursing baby 40% taking photos. It's important to relax and just let the shoot takes it's course... I'll get newborn shots you'll absolutely love, I promise you that. 

We don't know what day baby will come, so how do we book?

I, or my bookings assistant, book your newborn session in 7 days after your due date but remain in contact in case we need to push your date out or bring it forward. Occasionally I have extended the sessions if baby is born premature, or mum has complications after having a c-section or so on. Ideally I'd like to shoot your baby at 7 days, but first priority is you, so you can care for your baby and be comfortable. I always keep time free in my calendar for newborn reschedules. 


When should we book?

You will want to book your newborn shoot as soon as possible, but past your 20 week scan. However if you've just had your baby and only just thought of looking for a newborn photographer now, check my bookings form for my availability for the soonest possible day.

How old do you photograph newborn babies?

Best time for newborn photography is before you newborn is 2 weeks. However, I've taken beautiful images up of newborns up to 7 weeks I've done one at 12 weeks. Although if you really want the sleepy dreamy newborn images (curled up on newborn bean bag etc) you'll want to get in as early as possible for your newborn session. 

When and how will we get to view our newborn photos?

There is a couple of options. If you are from Rockingham, or wider Rockingham/ Mandurah etc, or within a 30min drive. I would suggest you have your newborn photography session (which takes 3 hrs approx) and go home... and return within a couple of days. If you are travelling from the country or north of the river, you may like to have your photography session in the morning, have a break for an hour and a half (go get lunch) then return for your newborn viewing. It saves a second trip. 

All my photos are displayed via large colour projected in my specialsed theatre.. Tissues handy for those new mums that get a little teary. This is the best way for me to help you figure out your favourites, which photos will be the most valuable to who.. which package will suit you best based on your individual circumstances.

It also means no waiting days or weeks to see your beautiful newborn images. 


What does a newborn session with you cost? What about packages?

For your 3 hour session and 1 hour viewing it costs $200 inclusive. 

Individual images start from $45. Packages start from $215.

You may save money by buying yourself a newborn gift card - which entitles you to the session and a $45 credit to spend toward a package - you can buy a newborn photography gift card here.

A $50 booking fee is always required even if you have a gift card, that is either refunded on the day (if you only spend your gift card) or credited toward any additional order. 

How do I book my newborn photography session?

That's easy, book online here:

  • Brook & Nick, Rockingham

    We brought our baby boy in for newborn photography after receiving a gift voucher and loved all the photos! Thank you for the beautiful card, I have framed that too!

  • Stella & John, Rockingham

    Very friendly and considerate, comfortable surroundings, we were very satisfied with the whole experience. Thank you.

  • Dawn & Stuart, Rockingham

    It was a wonderful and precious time capturing the heart and soul of our new family in your beautiful photography.

  • Kristy & Jarrod, Baldivis

    Thank you so much Hope it brought tears to our eyes watching the video, an amazing job!