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Pet Photography Rockingham

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Questions I am frequently asked about Pet Photography

How long will our pet photography session take?

Your session should take around 45minutes to 1 hour, if you have more than one pet, or also a toddler it may take a bit longer (there I is no extra cost).

What if my pet tries to wander off?

My photography studio is fully enclosed so you can take your pet off the lead with no concerns for their safety at all.

Where can my pet go to the toilet if need be?

If your pet needs to go to the toilet during their photography session there is a grassed area across the road from the studio. Most clients take their pet for a lap before and after their shoot.

However, if your dog or cat does go to the loo in the studio it’s no problem, there is a concrete floor – however I’ll be handing you the plastic bag and paper towels J

What should I bring?

Please bring some of your pets favourite treats for their photography session, we may need bribery! You may also want to bring favourite toys too. And er, sticky roller to get the fur off your clothes.

What should I wear?

I always say to clients to wear colours that subtly tie in with one another, and a good example of families who have done this are on this page. However if you have a white dog that malts loads, perhaps black isn’t the best colour for you to wear J 

How do I know when you’re free to book?

Check my calendar below and book live online